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Stay current on the latest trends and music industry happenings, keep up to date on digital media and music tech developments, and gain insider advice and expertise on show and tour booking through the looking glass of IOTM's featured blog posts and those of our guest bloggers.


From grassroots promotion and building a touring strategy to getting your music on iTunes and making the most of a music festival, you will undoubtedly find a ton of educational value in the IOTM Blog

Touring Tips

Whether you are a seasoned touring veteran, successful booking agent, or simply a beginner booking your first tour, there are some things that only experience on the road and first hand knowledge of the show and tour booking industry can teach you.


And since we at have been around the block a few times, we figured we'd put together a little Q&A session to answer some of the most common questions we receive with regards to show and tour booking, and how can truly lighten the load, offer a ton of insight, and increase your show booking efficiency and success rate.

Indie on the Move Strategic Partners

Today's independent music industry is filled with companies offering digital distribution, CD/DVD manufacturing, direct-to-fan crowdfunding, web development, PR, radio promotion, licensing...the list goes on. So how do you navigate all this data and find the right company for you?


Instead of learning by trial and error, check out IOTM's list of industry partners and friends. These are GREAT companies, doing great things for independent artists.


Community Forums

Looking for live/studio recording advice, insider tips on show booking in specific markets, or even funny tour stories to kill some time? The IOTM forums cover many different topics within the grand scope of the everchanging music industry. And by all means, if you don't see the topic that you wish to discuss, feel free to create a new one and start your own conversation for the IOTM community to weigh in on. is literally an open forum for discussion, and the more we all the contribute our experiences and participate in constructive conversation, the more everyone benefits.

IOTM Address Book

While it may seem on first glance that the Indie on the Move community consists solely of music venues and bands, that couldn't be farther from the truth.


A large and growing percentage of our membership base includes booking agents, record labels, band managers, and independent promoters. So how do you find, research, and contact these entities to see about working together?


That's where the IOTM Address Book steps in, enabling you to search and sort the entire community by profile type, genres, city/state, and username to find your next "contact". And who knows, perhaps you'll discover the newest asset/member of your show and tour booking team.