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Drew Simmons Talks How Young the Giant Got His Attention and Interest as a Manager


RenmanMB begins “Breaking Bands” Week by welcoming Drew Simmons, the manager for Young the Giant, which has become a recent success making waves touring, on radio, and even having songs placed on TV shows and in commercials. But, how did they get to that point? First, they needed to get management on board who believed in them and their music. Drew recounts how he first noticed Young the Giant (at the time known as The Jakes) and what led to his decision to represent them. If you are a hot young band looking to get representation, Drew has some words of wisdom for you!

The Artist Development Process with Drew Simmons


Renman asks Drew Simmons, manager of Young the Giant, what his thoughts are regarding the artist development process. On a prior episode of Renman Live!, Steve welcomed Bruce Flohr onto the show from Red Light Management, and Bruce proposed the notion that it takes 10 years for an artist to truly develop and grow into their own skin. That’s on many levels: as a touring act, a recording act, and in terms of finding their True North to properly tell their own story to the world. Drew had the opportunity to work for Bruce at Red Light Management and offers his own thoughts on the artist development process!