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Jody Gerson Talks Signing a "Then-Unknown" Lady GaGa to a Publishing Deal at Sony


Lady GaGa did not start out as the Pop Powerhouse Machine that she currently is. Before she was Lady GaGa, she was Stefani Germanotta. She started from the same humble beginnings as all artists do. She hustled and played her ass off live in New York on Bleecker Street and the Lower East Side where she caught the eyes of producers. After recording her songs with the backing of connected producers, she still could not break in to get a publishing deal. Jody Gerson, Co-President of Sony/ATV Music Publishing, tells the story of how GaGa came to her office and how this influenced her decision to sign her!

Position Music's Jake Versluis: What to Have Ready When Approaching Music Publishers


Making your music is the fun part, but if you can turn it into some money that makes it even more fun! A great way to do this is to use a music publisher and a music supervisor to help place your music in TV, Film, and Advertising! Supervisors and publishers are always looking for new music and in this clip Position Music's Jake Versluis walks us through five pieces to have prepared before submitting to supervisors and publishers.

How Best an Indie Band Should Seek Out Music Licensing


Making a living as an indie musician is difficult, but there are ways to generate money with your music if you're smart and persistent. In this clip, A&R for Position Music Publishing, Jake Versluis, talks about the gatekeepers of the publishing industry and the best ways to get music in front of them. Jake also reminds us that personal relationships are the biggest deal makers in the publishing side of the music business.

What is Music Publishing? - with Sony/ATV Music Publishing Co-President Jody Gerson


We often hear that music publishing is a lucrative side of the music business, but it's a difficult one to define. Luckily for all of us, Jody Gerson quickly breaks down the nuts-and-bolts of music publishing and tells us that it's a "pennies business, but those pennies add up." Did you know that music publishing is involved every time you hear a piece of music in the elevator, at the movies, on the internet, and on a CD? For a real life example, watch this video to find out how one artist was a smash success for Sony/ATV publishing, but a complete bust for the record company.

Renman U-Lesson #5: Organizing Your Business


In week #5 of RenmanMB's Insider's Guide to Today's Music Business, the lesson looked at the key contracts and agreements you will likely come across if you are doing something big in the music business. Among many topics covered are the 4 key agreements: Band Agreements, Management Agreements, Recording Agreements and Music Publishing Agreements. To help teach this session of Renman U, Renman enlisted Gary Gilbert Partner and Co-Chair of Entertainment & Media for one of top entertainment and media legal firms in today's business.

What, Exactly, Makes a Band’s Music Synch-Friendly?

**Guest post written by Mallory Zumbach, Sr. Director of Creative at Round Hill Music.


"You might be wondering what exactly a company like RHM looks for when they’re signing a songwriter, artist, or band with the goal of having significant synch success with them. First and foremost, of course, we want to work with tremendously talented people. The music has to make us sit up and take notice the first time we hear it—if it does, we know that people in the synch world will take note, too..."

How To Get Songs Placed On TV And In Movies

**Guest post written by Ari Herstand. It originally appeared on Ari's Take. 


"There is no one way to get music placed on TV (or in film). In addition to how I've gone about it, I've spoken with many of my musician friends who make livings on song placements about this." So what is their advice?...

The New Music & Entertainment Business: Easier Than You Think?

**Guest post written by Deuce Ellis, Buffalo-born and Brooklyn-raised rap renegade. Originally posted by Cyber PR.


"Here’s My Guest Blog After Attending the #YourMusic Seminar; maybe this whole thing is easier than you think…First things first, let’s demolish whatever train of thought you may have. Demolish it. Let’s destroy and rebuild..."

Why would I need a publishing administrator if I already work with ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC?

**Guest post from the DIY Musician Blog.


"One of the other topics of consistent confusion for our members is the differentiation between what a publishing administrator does and what a performing rights society does. Many members of ASCAP, BMI or SESAC that I’ve heard from think their performing rights society IS their publisher and that they are getting all of the income they’re entitled to directly from that P.R.O. (performing rights organization). In this article, I relay a couple of actual questions we’ve received on the topic and try to give some clear, concise answers."

Ten Things I'm Still Learning About Being in a Band

**Guest Post written by Jay Rutherford of Los Colognes.


"Like millions of other morons out there, I'm attempting to make music both the primary joy and primary financial security in my life. My band Los Colognes has achieved marginal success, just enough to get mom and dad off our backs, so to speak. Without further adieu, here’s me convincing myself I have achieved some wisdom, when in reality I have no psychological control over any of it yet. Pretend this is the Old Ben Kenobi version of me, from somewhere in the future..."

What We're Learning About The Music Industry

**Guest post written by Carlos A. Machado of Mystery Loves Company.


"With almost 200 shows and multiple music conferences in the past two years, Maddy and I have learned a ton about the current music industry. For those wanting a career as singer-songwriters, here are a two things we think are worth keeping in mind..."

TuneCore Asks Songwriters To Sign Up For Spotify Settlement Without Disclosing Terms

**Guest Post by David Lowery, frontman from Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven. Originally featured in The Trichordist.


"If you are a Tunecore songwriter, you recently got an email asking you to sign up for the NMPA/Harry Fox Agency/Spotify settlement. Songwriters are directed to [a] Survey Monkey form. This is it. No details. Nothing. Nada. In particular, there is no mention of the possible statutory damages that songwriters are waiving by opting in to this..."

The Art of EPs: Why They’re Important

**Guest post written by Ellie Batchiyska, a writer for SoundStageDirect, the number one online source for the best vinyl records and turntables.


"The final step in your self-promotion efforts, however, should be none other than creating an EP...Having an EP is great for giving people a taste of your musical sound and style. Think of it as your curriculum vitae, a summary of your most impressive and promising work."