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How to Get on a Booking Agent’s Radar with CAA Agent, Kyle Wilensky


Everyone wants to know how to get in front of the eyes and ears of A&R, managers, agents, etc. Each of those individuals are foundational members of the team around the band, but getting any or all to join your team is always the big challenge for any artist. But, before you convince them to join your team, you got to get them in the room with you first! This is exactly what one of our RMB callers asked about: how to best draw the attention of booking agents at festivals like SXSW, or even just locally in the artist’s hometown. There is no one answer to that question, but Kyle offers his advice on how to best get in front of a booking agent!

Marc Geiger's Advice on Cold Pitching Agents and Major Music Markets


Marc Geiger has a music industry resume to be admired. Among many other things, he started as a successful concert promoter, co-founded Lollapalooza, and is currently the head of Worldwide Music at William Morris Endeavor. In this clip, Marc and the Renman talk about the following age old questions:


-Do booking and talent agents actually read all those emails and listen to all those demos that you send them?

-Do you have a better shot of getting more exposure when based in a major market like LA or NYC?

How Do I Follow Up With a Venue That Hasn’t Returned My Email?

**Guest post written by Joy Ike, creator of Grassrootsy.com and Independent Musician, as featured on Grassrootsy.com.


THE QUESTION: I have a question that I hope someone here can help me with. After you’ve sent an email and you don’t hear back for a week or two, is it ok to resend the same email in the case that it got lost in the shuffle? I don’t want to come off as being pushy, but I want to make sure that they actually received the email.


THE ANSWER: Art, this is a really great question that I think a lot of people struggle with. It’s hard to know how to follow up on a email when you don’t know if it was ever read, if it reached the correct person, or if the receiver purposely didn’t get back to you. So we’ve got a few suggestions on what you can do...

4 Ways To Get Your Band Booked When The Booker Ignores You

**Guest post by Chris "Seth" Jackson, a bass guitarist and composer and founder of HowToRunABand.com.


OH no! I can't get a show! I keep sending out booking emails that never get replied to. What do I do?...

Meet the Music Booking Agents

**Guest post written by Louise Dodgson, Editor at The Unsigned Guide.


"Working with a booking agent is a topic we’re often asked about by artists and bands who wonder whether they should still undertake all gig bookings themselves or acquire the services of an agent who can bag those lusted-after festival slots and tour supports. Do I need an agent? At what stage should we approach one? Will a booking agency even work with an unsigned or emerging band? If you’ve ever wondered about any of the above, this blog is for you!"

When Should You Hire a Booking Agent?

**Guest post written by Jordan Gates, of Megaphone Agency.


"In the early days, a lot of bands book their own shows until it becomes necessary to seek out an agent or when an agent finds them. For serious artists, hiring a booking agent can be a big step in launching their music career to the next level. If you are wondering when you should get a booking agent, here are some things to consider..."